COVID 19: Confirmed cases in Nigeria rise to 224 as Lagos rolls out more palliatives

The National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has confirmed 10 new cases of the novel coronavirus disease in Nigeria peaking the number at 224.


The Center announced this on Sunday 5th April at 11:15 am (Local Time) via its official Twitter handle, @NCDCgov.


Six of the 10 new cases were reported in Lagos state, bringing the total there to 115; 2 were reported in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, bringing its total to 45; while the last 2 were reported in Edo state, peaking the number there at 9.


Available statistics show that so far in Nigeria, a total of 27 persons have recovered from the disease, while 5 persons, said to have had underlying conditions, have died fighting it.


Meanwhile, Lagos state, the epicenter of the disease in Nigeria has rolled out more palliatives to cushion the effect of the 14-day lockdown imposed to contain the spread of the disease.


The latest series of palliatives were put in place to complement the stimulus package of food items distributed to the vulnerable across the state to aid their livelihood during the lockdown.


Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu announced this after the weekly Security Meeting at the State House, Marina, noting that medical bills incurred by patients admitted into the state public healthcare centers during the lockdown would be borne by the Lagos state government.


Sanwo-Olu, who asserted that government took the decision to ameliorate the burden of patients whose livelihood were affected by the lockdown, said measures had been put in place to prevent a compromise of the scheme.


The governor indicated that the palliative would cover medical expenses of pregnant women, emergency and casualty cases, laboratory testing and surgeries as well as the cost of medications bought at the state-owned healthcare facilities during the lockdown.


“The first category are patients in emergency, casualty cases, including registration, laboratory tests, surgeries and drugs. Those in the second category are maternity cases. We will bear the full cost of pregnant women on normal delivery and Caesarean sections in our hospitals in this period of lockdown.


“What this new scheme means is that, at this time, patients with the listed medical conditions will need not pay to access treatment and care in all our 27 General Hospitals across the state”,┬áthe governor explained.


–Mokolade Segun