• June 23, 2024
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Reprint Permissions & Syndication

NIGERIA in DEPTH (NiD) is pleased to make our contents available to you for reprints, syndication, and other reuse requests. Whichever way you choose to use our contents – in classroom, in newspapers, in textbooks, and/or on a Web site, NiD essays provide you with great materials to widen your coverage on issues relating to Nigeria, Africa and the wider world.

Reprint & Reuse Permissions

NIGERIA in DEPTH (NiD) permits the use of its contents in different forms including but not limited to photocopying, Web posting, and book reprints. Submit your permission request by email at info@nigeriaindepth.com.

Contact us today for more information on rates and current content available:

Segun Adegoke

E-Mail: adegokes@nigeriaindepth.com